Different types of Necklace Styles for Wedding Attire

Once you have picked out your wedding dress and your headpiece, you’re going to want to focus on the other pieces of jewelry that you are going to wear on the special day. Most likely you’re going to want to have something that weddingsgoes around the neck, but this is going to depend on the cut of the dress that you have chosen.

Ideally what you want to do is choose your dress first, then do your jewelry shopping following this. Before making a final decision on your jewelry if possible try it with the dress perhaps when you go for one of your fittings. This way you’re going to know exactly that the neck piece that you have chosen is going to work perfectly.

Front or Back?

One of the modern trends now with the necklaces that are being worn with wedding dresses are those that have embellishments that dangle down the back, and fit closely to the neck at the front. This is a great choice if you are wearing a relatively simple dress that has a cutout back.

Chain Necklaces

If you have a low cut dress that is relatively simple, then you may really want to spruce it up with the multi layered necklace or chain necklace. Pay close attention to the thickness of the multiple strands as these can easily become too heavy looking and offset the balanced look.

The Color

The color of the jewelry is also going to play an important role especially if it is in an necklace. You may decide that you want to go with gold or white gold or even with pearls. Again, you are going to have plenty of choices, but making the right one carefully is going to be a priority.


Pendant necklaces also work well with wedding attire. One of the favorites are lockets which can later hold images of you and your groom.