Jewelry for the Groom

When it comes time to plan the wedding attire, a lot of the emphasis is placed on what the bride will be wearing. For the men of course, it is the style and color of the tux if this is what is going to be chosen. Then there are all the accessories that have to be considered for both. Men find that it is not as difficult for them when it comes to the jewelry choices.

The Cuff Links

In some cases cuff links a009564_r1_e015re not required. It will all depend on what type of shirt is being worn. There are some shirts that go with the tux that already have the cuff links with them. Some men prefer to choose cuff links as a way of creating a keepsake for this special day. If they are going to be worn then good taste in choosing them has to be practiced. For the most part they are not even noticeable unless the jacket is removed. However, when this does happen then the cuff links have to look good.

Casual Jewelry

Where jewelry plays more of an important role for the groom is if casual wedding attire is going to be worn. Casual and themed weddings are becoming more popular. Based on this there is a greater need for choosing appropriate jewelry.

Tie Clips

Tie clips may have to take on a role for the groom if a tux and bow tie is not the attire of the day. Remember that whatever jewelry is going to be worn may be visible in the photographs. This is something to keep in mind as you don’t want flashy jewelry becoming the focal point of the photographs.


Chains are often worn if the casual attire is going to consist of a open neck shirt. Something light but masculine and not too flashy is a good choice.

The best step to take is for the man to keep his jewelry choices to a minimum.