The Perfect Headpiece for Your Wedding Day

There are so many different types of jewelry that can be worn with your wedding attire. You may already have the perfect pieces in your jewelry collection. Aside from the actual jewelry, you are going to have to consider your headpiece. You are soon going to find that you have lots to choose from and this may cause you some confusion.

Common Headpiece Choices

  • Barrettes and Clips
  • Hair CombsFlowers2
  • Crowns
  • Fasteners
  • Tiaras
  • Flowers
  • Headbands
  • Ribbons
  • Hat
  • Veil

This is a big list but it will be easy to narrow it down. Here are a few steps to help you do this.

Step One

First, you need to decide on a few that appeal to you the most. If you don’t care for some of these then no matter how nice they look you won’t feel good about them.

Step Two

Choose your wedding dress first. This is really going to help you decide on which head piece is going to look the best. It will also narrow down your choices even more.

Step Three

Consider the head pieces that are being sold at the same place where you are buying your wedding dress. This way you can try the different ones to see which one creates the best look.

Step Four

Make sure you take your headpiece with you to your hair stylist on the day of your wedding. This is particularly important if you hairstyle is one that has to be woven into the headpiece.

These few steps will help you make the right choice. Then in addition to this, you are going to have think about the jewelry that you will be wearing. You want to be sure that it won’t clash with the embellishments that your headpiece may be comprised of.

Also, make sure that you move around when trying on your headpiece to ensure that it feels comfortable and can be secured properly.